Cheetos, Japanese Steak Flavor 50g

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Uniquely Japanese, and wonderfully lost in translation. Hold the neon orange color and cheese dusting, and bring on the steak flavor. You can't make this up. Fluffy and tasty, you really need to try to believe.

Ingredients: Corn flour, vegetable oil, Japanese steak flavoring (sugar, starch, MSG, food flavor (including milk), compoud acid hydrolyzed vegetable protein flavoring powder (acid hydrolyzed vegetable protein flavoring liquid, maltodextrin, edible salt, caramel color, disodium succinate, disodium 5'-flavored nucleotides, edible salt of L-alanine (including wheat, soy), caramel, onion powder, silicon dioxide, garlic powder, black pepper powder, 5'- Taste disodium nucleotide, vegetable oil, and aspartame (containing phenylalanine).

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