The Best Halloween Candy You Can Buy in 2022
Halloween is around the corner, so now is the ideal time to begin pondering your DIY Halloween outfits and creepy decor. However, can we just be real, what we're most amped up for is the Halloween candy! Specifically, the smaller-than-expected exclusively folded treats that mainly come over this season. Whether it's a harsh sour gummy, a sweet piece of hard candy, or a wanton piece of chocolate, this rundown has the best Halloween candy you can purchase in 2022. There are such countless fun choices to browse — the main issue you'll have is concealing it from your people before October 31st rolls around.

While purchasing Halloween candy, you can't go wrong with the classic bangers but you should add new trendy items to satisfy everybody in the house. Let's start with, the Boyer Mallow Cups are certain to be a banger but the Carmel Apple Tootsie Pops will have everybody shouting with, excitement.

If you want to go the trendy route we suggest Toxic Waste Slime Lickers, if you can find them. We also have something for the tricksters: Candy Covered Earthworms and a non-confectionary stink bomb called the Fart Bomb Bag. When you squeeze the materials inside these bomb bags, they inflate and pop, letting out a foul-smelling stink that will surely clear a room!

Make sure to check out some of the other nostalgic and viral candies that we carry, like the elusive Alamo Big Tex Dill Pickle in Chamoy.
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